Hawk-Eye system suspended in Croke Park 10 years ago

Hawk-Eye system suspended in Croke Park

The Hawk-Eye system in Croke Park has had its first day of controversy and was suspended from use during the second half of the All-Ireland minor semi-final between Galway and Limerick.

The game was a close encounter throughout, with the sides level at 0-08 a piece at half-time and went to extra-time, though the Treaty men could consider themselves unfortunate not to be a point up.


Hawk-Eye was used early in the first half and replays showed that Limerick's first 'score' of the game ball went between the posts, but was deemed a miss on the big screen.

It was used three times during the encounter, with each decision a wide ball, before it was suspended due to complications with the system. The GAA said that the first decision was correct, but that the graphic was incorrect and hence why it was not used again for the remainder of the game.

It is to remain suspended for the day, so we just hope there are no close calls in the senior game later on.