Here are some of the best wrestling GIFs you are ever likely to see 8 years ago

Here are some of the best wrestling GIFs you are ever likely to see

some of We will leave the decision to you, loyal JOE reader, as to whether Vince McMahon or Ric Flair has the better strut

Let's not pretend here that we didn't all watch wrestling when we were younger, or still watch it today because it's some brilliant entertainment. There's enough depressing stuff going on that we should just sit back and get some pure escapism from time to time, and if that happens to be from the lads at the WWE, then so be it. With that in mind, we chose a few of our favourite wrestling GIFs that might remind you of a simpler time, or might just give you a good laugh.


The first GIF that we spotted was this interesting manoeuvre that is a finisher for the ages, and we really would not like to be on the receiving end of it. Imagine the musk in there...

wrestling gif 10

A totally different move that was incredibly cool was one done by JOE favourite Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. He had his dancing shoes on that night.

wrestling gif 14


We call this move the ball-to-face-slam-dunk-huracanrana. We'll work on that name.

wrestling gif 12

A coffin turning up uninvited is always bad news in the world of wrestling, it normally means that an incredibly annoyed Undertaker is sitting inside it.

Wrestling gif 11


Of course, no selection of wrestling GIFs would be complete without a section dedicated to Vince McMahon and his famous strut.

wrestling gif 6

wrestling gif 3

Or, for that matter, HHH's impression of said strut.


wrestling gif 9

Falling over is pretty much always funny. It's much funnier when there's a wrestling ring involved.

wrestling gif 7

wrestling gif 1

Something which makes the WWE what it is are the great reactions from fans. We love this one in particular.


wrestling gif 4

We also admire this granny for taking a swing at Hulk Hogan. They could be the same age, we just don't know when it comes to Hulk.

wrestling gif 13

Equally, it's good to see the referees getting involved in the spirit of the match and giving it their all. This ref might have come to the ring with a bit too much energy though.

wrestling gif 5

And finally, he was and still is the stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun! WOOOO!

wrestling gif 2

wrestling gif 15

wrestling gif 8

hat-tip to the lads at The Football365 forum.