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13th Aug 2013

JOE’s favourite left handed people

It's International Left Handers day today, so we thought we'd look at some of our favourite lefties.


It’s International Left Handers day today, so we thought we’d look at some of our favourite lefties.

Given the day that’s in it, we thought we’d look back at some of our favourite lefties from throughout the ages and the present day, from Maradona to Ned Flanders.

Lionel Messi

He has so many goals to choose from that it was difficult to narrow it down, but this effort against Getafe a few seasons back is fairly spectacular. That said, he did finish it with his right foot, so he’s blotted his copy book there.

Jimi Hendrix

As Bill Hicks once said, it was as if Hendrix was an alien sent down from space to show us mere humans how the guitar should be played.

Diego Maradona

While Messi did a pretty good impersonation of this goal that we’ve already featured, the original is still the best. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you can tell that commentator Victor Hugo Morales is fairly emotional here, as he actually bursts into tears at the end. To be fair, this is magical stuff from the diminutive Argentine.

Ned Flanders

Stupid sexy Flanders!

Liam Brady

The list wouldn’t be complete without an Irish entry, and given that he had a magic wand instead of a left peg, we had to put Chippy himself in. The list is football heavy, but we like football. That and he scored against Brazil, of course.

Also this video is pretty excellent.

As is this video. We don’t think he would have agreed to have been in the list if he’d known that was in the can, Eamon.