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18th Feb 2014

John Aldridge really lets Howard Webb have it this morning


Is the Ireland and Liverpool legend over the Reds FA Cup exit to Arsenal yet? We’re confident that’s a no.

It is hardly news to anyone that John Aldridge is a big Liverpool fan. Now a regular commentator and columnist on the club in his native city, Aldo doesn’t hide his allegiance when it comes to football and anyone who follows him on Twitter would know that even before Liverpool’s FA Cup tie with Arsenal, the striker was worried about the man in the middle.

Since the game, which included a few peculiar decisions by the ref to say the least, the internet has boiled with anger over how Webb officiated the match which was won by Arsenal 2-1 and in his column today in the Liverpool Echo, Aldridge gives Webb both barrels.

After raging about the foul by Alex Oxlade Chamberlain on Luis Suarez in the box that Webb failed to give, and referencing a couple of incidents from the Liverpool/Chelsea game a few months back, Aldo has had enough of Webb.

How many of these wrong decisions does Webb have to make before action is taken?

For a start, he should never referee a Liverpool game ever again. The Reds can go back in the archives and use a long list of games to help state their case.

When he refs us, we do not get the big, big decisions and with Liverpool chasing at least the top four, we must hope he does not officiate our games between now and the end of the season.

Aldridge goes on to say that Steven Gerrard didn’t deserve a second yellow (so a good call by Webb) and expresses his shock at the award of the first Liverpool penalty.

I was actually astonished when he awarded the first penalty at Arsenal on Sunday.

I was sat there wondering: ‘Maybe he’s had a change of heart and we’ve turned the corner with Webb.’

But that proved wishful thinking on my part.

Before he signs off, Aldridge adds: We are all human and all make mistakes but major mistakes happen far too often with Webb in Liverpool games… Liverpool have officially been ‘Webbed’ yet again.

If Webb does get another Liverpool game this season, we hope someone hooks up Aldridge to a microphone so we can all hear his commentary on the game. Should be good craic.