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10th Jun 2013

Jose’s back – The Special One is now The Happy One

Jose Mourinho spoke to the media as Chelsea manager for the first time in more than five years and claimed that The Special One is now The Happy One.


Jose Mourinho spoke to the media as Chelsea manager for the first time in more than five years and claimed that ‘The Special One’ is now ‘The Happy One.’

While he was never likely to outdo that famous first press conference at Stamford Bridge in 2004 when he announced his credentials to the world, he did tell the media he now has a different perspective on management on life.

More than 250 journalists, photographers and cameramen were in place to welcome back Mourinho to the club and he was keen to tell the press that he is calmer now thanks to his achievements in the game.

“I’m in the best place in my career. I’m calm and comfortable,” he said.

When suggested that he lacks the longevity of someone like Alex Ferguson, he said that the time has now come to settle down at a club. And for him Chelsea is the club and England country he prefers.


Waiting for Jose to emerge

“I always loved adventure in the past. I was a navigator. I did what I wanted to to,” he said before adding that now is the right time for himself, and the club, to add stability.

“We have a contract of four years. We hope to go to the last day. If the club wants me then to stay I’ll be more than happy to stay.”

He refuted claims that his relationship with Roman Abramovich soured in 2007 when he left Stamford Bridge abruptly.

“I read that I was sacked, that relations broke down, It’s not true,” he said and said that his relationship with the owner is excellent. That tends not to last long for any man in the Chelsea hotseat, but time will tell.

Mourinho pointed out the Champions League is not an obsession for him (reminding everyone he’s already won it twice) and said he would look to bring in a few new faces, without mentioning who they would be.

It was a more subdued start to his Chelsea tenure than we expected, indeed he mentioned his mellow nature and new found sense of calm on a number of occasions, but we have no doubt that when the season gets up and running, The Happy One may will be back to his competitive and brash self.

While refusing to comment directly on Rafa Benitez’s brief tenure, he did say that John Terry “could again be an important player for the club.” Looks like the Chelsea captain won’t be packing his jockstrap yet…

One thing is for sure, the Premier League is set to be more entertaining with the Portuguese man back at the helm.