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02nd Aug 2013

One Australian journalist really doesn’t like Irish Pubs. Or Irish music. Or Irish food. Or Irish backpackers. Or Ireland it seems.

A pint of Paddywhackery anyone?

Eoghan Doherty

Anthony Sharwood, reporter for Australian, is coming in for a bit of stick today after he wrote an article questioning the future of Irish pubs in Australia.

Following the possible closure/auction of certain Sydney-based establishments, the journalist propped open his copy of ‘Lazy Stereotypical Irish Phrases Vol. III’ on ‘Chapter 4: The Most Obvious and Insulting Irish References To Write In A Poor Online Article’, and got scribblin’.

Guinness, backpackers, hurling and even the Saviour of all Mankind himself, Bono, didn’t escape the “witty” wrath of the reporter who clearly sees the possible demise of the Irish boozer as a good thing.

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Of course, we could riddle our own article with similarly lazy Australian phrases, but we’ve decided we’re not going to. Mainly because we’re too busy trying to tie the kangaroo down while looking for Matilda so we can waltz the fu*k out of her.

One of our favourite lines is, when describing an Irish bar in Melbourne, “It even has live hurling on the telly (that’s a sport by the way, not organised vomiting)”. Ouch! Our feelings.

Relax though because it’s not all bad news. Sharwood does seem slightly impressed with the fact that one Irish pub, Bridie O’Reilly’s in Melbourne, now serves Wagyu Beef on its menu.

Wagyu beef. The Japanese delicay. We look forward to his article on all things Asian in the future…

You can read the article ‘As two Irish pubs close, we ask whether they’ve had their day’ in its entirety here and some of the back and forth tweets between Sharwood and his less-than-amused Irish followers here.

H/T Vinny Geary