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14th Oct 2014

Pic: Jonas Gutierrez, currently undergoing treatment for testicular cancer, ran the Buenos Aires marathon on Sunday

What a hero.

Conor Heneghan

What a hero.

A few weeks’ ago, the football world was sad to hear the news that Newcastle winger and Argentine international Jonas Gutierrez had been diagnosed with testicular cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy treatment at home in Argentina.

Hard as the news must have been to take for Gutierrez, he is not letting it get him down, as he showed at the weekend when running the Buenos Aires marathon in order to raise funds for FUCA (Foundation for Research, Teaching and Cancer Prevention), a cancer charity in Argentina.

According to the Chronicle, Gutierrez was part of a group of runners who wore bright green outfits in an effort to raise awareness of the work of oncologist Dr. Fernando Petracci from Argentina’s Alexander Fleming Institute and to highlight the need to detect the cancer early and he took to Twitter to thank fellow participants and, particularly, Argentinian actor and comedian Dady Brieva, for their support.

Gutierrez ran the marathon only two days after tweeting a picture of himself getting ready to receive treatment and to compete in the marathon despite his personal circumstances was a remarkable achievement indeed.

What a man.

If you have any concerns about testicular cancer, check out this link here.