Pic: The New York Giants punter might be the most ripped man in sports 8 years ago

Pic: The New York Giants punter might be the most ripped man in sports

Punters don’t have to do too much on the field, and it seems Steve Weatherford spends ALL his spare time in the gym.

One of the things that NFL fans hear a lot from those who don’t see the appeal of gridiron is that the game is full of ‘fat lads’ who need oxygen to just play and that means it isn’t that much of a sport.


Okay, there are ‘fat lads’ in the NFL, but they are a minority, and even the ‘fat lads’ are probably way fitter than you.

And away from the monster lads in the line, the NFL is stuffed with serious athletes who are every bit as fit as the top rugby and soccer players.

However, the NFL’s kickers and punters are usually the exceptions. With the chances of them being involved in any contact very slim, they tend to be much smaller and less 'built' that the rest of their team mates.

There are a few bigger ones, like chunky Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski, but most are the sort of lads who look like they just walked in off the street.

Giants punter Steve Weatherford is another exception. An exceptional exception in fact. Standing 6’3”, Weatherford posted a picture of himself on Instagram that shows he might be the most ripped man in professional sports. Oh yeah, and that's Weatherford on the left, just in case you weren't sure.

With all that time sitting on the sidelines, we guess Steve took up doing sit-ups. A LOT of sit-ups.


Hat-tip to Bleacher Report for the pic.