Poll: Pick the best of the best of JOE's favourite Six Nations rugby jerseys 8 years ago

Poll: Pick the best of the best of JOE's favourite Six Nations rugby jerseys

Sports can often be the land that style forgot, but these Six Nations jerseys are things of true beauty. The good folk at Lidl are offering the opportunity to kit out your local club, and the below jerseys might be just the inspiration you need to enter!

Full details of this fantastic Lidl competition can be found here (tip: start practicing your haka!!), but for now we're looking at 6 of our favourite 6 Nations jerseys of all time, and asking you guys to vote on which one you like the most.


Ireland - 2009

Not the prettiest jersey we will admit straight off the bat, but great things happened in this shirt, and that can't be underrated. That drop goal, in all its glory, will never be forgotten, and we will remember this as the shirt in which the golden generation finally achieved the success they had been threatening to.

Ronan O'Gara kicks the drop goal to win the Grand Slam for Ireland 30/11/2013

Here's our own Jerry Flannery sporting the top, and a flag, like a properly proud Irishman.
Jerry Flannery 31/8/2009


France - 1995

We're travelling back in time a small bit to pull this one from the archives, but it really is something special. Back in the days where the only size available was XXXL and the jerseys were made of the heaviest cotton going so that they wouldn't rip. They wore this particular shirt in a few tests against New Zealand, and if memory serves correct they finished third in the World Cup that year in this or something very similar.

France jersey
Hat-tip to rugbyrelics.com for the pic

Italy - 2014


The words 'stylish' and 'Italian' are no strangers to being seen in the same sentence, and that even applies when it comes to their rugby gear. Although they've had some brilliant ones in the past under Kappa, this year's Adidas shirt is absolutely beautiful. Simple, classic and clean, Italy will be hoping for big things in this year's Six Nations.

Italy rugby

England - 2014

Putting all our loyalties aside, this year's away shirt for England is quite nice. Clearly inspired by some old school looks, this shirt is a bit loud but at the same time has a classic twist. Not that we'll be wearing it this year of course, what with the fact that Ireland are going to win the whole thing, stuffing England along the way.


england away

Scotland - 2004

2004/05 wasn't the best of times for Scottish rugby, but it was definitely a period of transition. Their shirt reflected that, as it was heading towards the days of tighter fitted player gear, but this simple number with two stripes on the sleeve was a fantastic jersey, and they did record their largest ever win in 2004 against Japan, so it wasn't all bad.

scotland rugby
Pic via Retro One Rugby Boutique

Wales - 1999


We've opted not to go for a classic red shirt for Wales, but rather one of their slightly more outlandish numbers from the past. This white, red and green shirt is a bit strange at first, but it has grown on us over the years. Mind you it did take about 15, but still...

wales shirt
Pic via Old Rugby Shirts


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