Remember the lad who got the 'Moyes Out' tattoo? He's just updated it 9 years ago

Remember the lad who got the 'Moyes Out' tattoo? He's just updated it

You have to admire this sort of commitment to a cause.

While there were plenty of low points during David Moyes' short-lived spell in charge of Manchester United, the brutal 2-0 defeat away to Olympiacos in the Champions League stands out as one of the worst. Since his sacking this week, many have cited that February clash as the date the board decided that Moyes was not the long-term replacement for Alex Ferguson.


Anyway, in the wake of that game, one of the big stories was the tale of an unknown Manchester United fan who was so incensed by the club's poor form that he got 'Moyes Out' tattooed on his back.

Two months later, and with Moyes now issued with that P45, the unhappy fan has gotten his tattoo updated.

Moyes out tat update

Pic via 101greatgoals


At the time we speculated that the tattoo was a bad idea because either Moyes would turn it around (we were wrong there) or it would look stupid when he was fired. Whatever you think of it, he's trying to make the best of it at least.

UPDATE: The man himself, Ash Evans, has been in touch to say he actually got the original tattoo after the shocking Capital One Cup loss to Sunderland in January. We asked had he any more tats planned but he hasn't at present. However, he will be in touch if he gets more.

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