Ross O'Carroll-Kelly's twitter account has been a Munster man 9 years ago

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly's twitter account has been a Munster man

A certain former Munster player looks to have taken control of Ross O'Carroll-Kelly's Twitter

When you think of Leinster Rugby, you think of the biggest names in Irish rugby over the last few years: Brian O'Driscoll, Leo Cullen, Sean O'Brien, 'Dangerous' Dave Hewitt, Cian Healy, Shane Horgan to name but a few, but once you get through that list, and then mention a few managers, and maybe also the mascot Leo the Lion, you get around to someone who has been synonymous with the team since the birth of the Celtic Tiger: Ross O'Carroll-Kelly.


What we're trying to say is he's certainly a (fictional) man who bleeds blue, but today his Twitter account has been hacked, and he's being made to say a few things that he's probably not too thrilled about. We never thought we'd see the day that this type of thing would be emitted from his mouth, albeit digitally anyway:


Now, we have no confirmation of this, but given the messages that have been put out on the page, we're beginning to think that a certain former-Munster player who works at Arsenal might have been involved in this little prank somewhere along the line.


Just a hunch...