6 things that Ed Woodward definitely didn't say in THAT Vine 8 years ago

6 things that Ed Woodward definitely didn't say in THAT Vine

The Manchester United executive vice-chairman was caught mouthing something naughty looking...

West Brom and Manchester United played out an entertaining 2-2 draw in the Premier League last night, which left most United fans a little downbeat and upset.


A lot of them vented their disgust with the result on social media but the club's executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward also appeared to show his disappointment at the Hawthorns last night.

Footage of Woodward mouthing something during the game surfaced online and the internet exploded when, according to the nice people of the Internet, he said "what a f**king waste of money." Here's the footage...

We cannot 100% confirm it but we reckon there's absolutely no chance that someone in Woodward's position would say something like that in public when he knew there were TV cameras around the place.


But the question is, what exactly did Woodward say? To try and figure that out, we've come up some solutions with our cleverly named "Six possible things Ed Woodward definitely didn't say in that Vine"...

1. "I'm on team Fran"

Maybe the Love/Hate craze has reached the UK, Ed was up late watching it and he couldn't hide his allegiances.

2. "West Brom tweeting bollocks"


Ed glanced at his phone and spotted West Brom's cheeky tweet about Marouane Fellaini.

3. "Where is David Moyes?"

Ed starts to wonder why they bothered sacking their manager last season.

4. "Immersion! F**king wasting money"


Ed's realised he's left the immersion on at home so he'll be in hot water in more places than Old Trafford.

5. "I could murder a pint"

Ed sanctioned a lot of transfers during the summer and feels a brewski might help digest the poor performances of the new look United side.

6. "F**king losing bonus point"

Ed's been so busy he's only just heard about Munster's late win over Sale.