The Simpsons are going to have a crossover episode with Family Guy 10 years ago

The Simpsons are going to have a crossover episode with Family Guy

We're still not sure if this will turn out to be good, or truly awful, but we're intrigued to say the least

To say that the team at JOE towers are Simpsons fans is a pretty huge understatement. Two hours and six minutes is still the record for the longest period of time spent at our desks without making a reference to the hallowed show.


However, we're also pretty big Family Guy fans, and while the quality of both shows has fluctuated over the years (the golden era of The Simpsons takes place between series 3-10) we must admit our interest was piqued when we heard that there was going to be a meeting of the minds between Homer and Peter.

According to the lads at Splitsider, an episode of Family Guy which will air in the autumn of 2014 will be entitled 'The Simpsons Guy', and the two families will come face to face.

Homer griffin

Apparently the plot will include Stewie being impressed with Bart and his pranks, Meg and Lisa hitting it off, Marge and Lois give up doing housework for a while, and Homer arguing with Peter over which of their favourite beers is better.


Sounds interesting so far, but we'll be waiting a long time to see if this is a genius piece of television history, or something that was better off being left on the scrapheap of terrible ideas at the writers' office.

Hat-tip to the lads at Bro Bible, and the folks at comicvine for the pic