This new app will help you keep track of the Luas strikes 7 years ago

This new app will help you keep track of the Luas strikes

This may be helpful for frustrated commuters.

As the controversial Luas strikes continue, it can be pretty hard to keep up with the latest in what's happening.


That’s why Jamie Farrelly decided to make an app, conveniently called Luas Strike Information, which tells you whether or not there will be strikes on any given day.

Or, as James writes in the app itself, when "the feckers are on strike."

Luas app

Speaking to JOE, James explained he created the App following his own frustration with the strikes.


"The Luas strike has been wrecking my head lately which is the same as a lot of people around Dublin.

So I made an app to actually let people know whether they are on strike and when the next strike is planned, if there is one - which is more often than not at this stage."

James explained that dates may be incorrect for short periods of time as it isn't an official Luas app, and he also added that he had jokingly included a 'Learn how to operate a Luas within the app' bonus feature.

You can download the App for android by clicking here, but there's no sign of an iOS version just yet.