Video: Breaking Bad gets the honest trailer treatment (Warning: Spoiler alert) 10 years ago

Video: Breaking Bad gets the honest trailer treatment (Warning: Spoiler alert)

The folks at Honest Trailers are experts in taking some of our favourite and not so favourite movies down a peg or two but Breaking Bad got off pretty lightly in their first ever honest trailer about a TV show.


With the final season of the hugely popular show set to be broadcast this weekend – that’s right folks, this weekend – Honest Trailers couldn’t have picked a better time to do what they do with Breaking Bad, which is the first time a TV show has ever come in for the honest trailer treatment.

While the trailer does point out some of the quirks in the show, such as the fact that all of the villains just so happen to be angry Latino men, the humorous criticism is tame compared to some of the stuff they’ve produced in the past, although that could perhaps be due to fear of a potential backlash from fans in this week of all weeks.

It is the fans in fact, who are belittled more than the show itself in lines such as, ‘It’s so good, it got TV snobs to shut up about The Wire’, ‘So all consuming you push it on your friends even if they don’t watch TV' and ‘So addicting you can’t shut up about it’.

A little like this little snippet about the show on Family Guy not so long ago...


The chatter from Breaking Bad fans will be louder than ever this week, but who cares, it's great and we sure as hell can't wait to see how it's all going to end, yo.