Video: Check out the trailer for the final episodes of Breaking Bad 10 years ago

Video: Check out the trailer for the final episodes of Breaking Bad

There are less than two weeks before we get to see the final half of Breaking Bad season five and to get our juices flowing AMC have released the following teaser trailer.

As teaser trailers go, this one is more of a tease than a girl on her debs night. We don’t see any main characters, no explosions and no hint of what might happen in the forthcoming season. Instead we hear Walter White reading ‘Ozymandias’, a a sonnet by Percy Bysshe Shelley which was published back in 1818 (read all about it here).


Basically, the poem ‘Ozymandias’ outlines the inevitable decline of all leaders and their empires no matter how big or strong they were in their time. So while we don’t get to see any of the main Breaking Bad cast, we do get a hint of what to expect from the final episodes.

The top comment accompanying the trailer on YouTube sums it up nicely: from derekjust83, “Vince Gilligan is amazing. How appropriate that he puts out a trailer with a sprawling shot of a desert along with a voiceover of a 19th century poem about how even the greatest empires are inevitably doomed by time and circumstance. No actors. No music. No revealing scenes. Just the main character slowly reading a poem rife with foreshadowing as haunting as Heisenberg's withered hat…”

The second top comment for the trailer on YouTube sums it up in a different kind of way: from Ben Dover, “My nipples are rock hard”… Enough said.


Don’t forget you can check out the latest episodes a day after they air in the US over on Netflix.