Video: Comical goal from the Coppa Italia last night 9 years ago

Video: Comical goal from the Coppa Italia last night

The lads from Atalanta were not happy when this goal was allowed to stand.


Napoli took on Atalanta in the Coppa Italia last night, and while Rafa Benitez's side progressed to the quarter finals, the goal that gave them the lead was as comical as it was controversial.

As the ball was chipped through to Gonzalo Higuaín, who was quite clearly a mile offside, and it struck Christiano Del Grosso in the back.

Instead of flagging, the assistant let play go on and Lorenzo Insigne did exactly what he should and played to the whistle, slamming the ball into the net while everyone else stood around looking on.

The referee argued that Higuain wasn't trying to play the ball since he stopped his run and it never made it to him, and the play was fine. Mario Yepes was not in agreement and ended up getting sent off for all his complaining.


To be fair, we'd be angry too if we were Atalanta...