Video: Golden eagle tries to snatch a baby 10 years ago

Video: Golden eagle tries to snatch a baby

A French-Canadian father took his young child out for a nice stroll in the park not knowing that a golden eagle would attempt to steal his kid.


This shocking video was captured in Mount Royal Park in Montreal earlier this week and we have to say, it’s some fairly worrying footage. You have to wonder what would have happened if the eagle actually got away with the kid?

Now, while the video looks fairly legit to us, there’s a lot of talk over on YouTube of the video being a fake. There are lots of reasons given for it being a fake, such as how the bird changes direction even though it’s not banking, but as we said it looks real to us. We'll leave the nitpicking to the bird experts.

So the next time you take your kid out for a nice stroll, keep your eyes on the skies... or just keep a closer eye on your child.