Video: Here’s how JOE’s Night at the Dogs in Galway went down 9 years ago

Video: Here’s how JOE’s Night at the Dogs in Galway went down

Great weather, great racing and a great crowd; JOE’s night out in Galway was a cracker.

No matter what time of the year, or which part of the country you are in, a night at the dogs is always a belting night out. But when the weather is balmy, the place is Galway and JOE put on a race night, well, it’s very special indeed.


Just before the weather returned to its normal Irish standard JOE ran another of its very popular 'Night at the Dogs' events, in association with the Irish Greyhound Board.

With a whole heap of JOE readers taking advantage of the free passes we gave away, the place was packed with punters eager to make the most of the good weather and make a few quid along the way.

Sadly, we returned without picking a single winner but we saw enough really happy faces to know that lots of people managed to leave Galway Greyhound Stadium with at least a few extra euros in their pockets.

But even though we didn’t trouble the pay out counter all night, we still had a blast. On the night that was in it, it would have been impossible not to.


We’re already looking forward to the next one…