Video: Tom Brady left hanging on Patriots bench 8 years ago

Video: Tom Brady left hanging on Patriots bench

He takes the rejection like the star that he is, then goes out and wins the game.

If we played for the New England Patriots, we’d make sure we kept on Tom Brady’s good side. The QB is not only one of the best in the game, he’s one of the best of all time and New England’s hopes of success live and die on Brady’s ability.


So maybe wide receiver Julian Edelman has a bit of grovelling to do this morning after he left his star QB hanging on the bench when Brady was looking for a morale-boosting hand slap.

Did the snub damage Brady’s confidence? We can safely say no, as the QB led the Patriots down the field in less than two minutes, with no timeouts, to beat the New Orleans Saints in the final seconds, capped off with a perfect, perfect, throw to Kenbrell Thompkins.