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11th Dec 2013

Video: We’d love to give this goalkeeper shootout exercise a go in training

Drop-kicks all around.

Conor Heneghan

Drop-kicks all around.

Previously we had lazily assumed that goalkeepers didn’t do a lot in training apart from practising making saves, catching crosses, organising walls, bawling out their defence, that sort of thing. We were wrong, they have great craic.

Fresh from yesterday’s outrageous video of goalkeeping practise with a Slovenian fourth division team comes another one from Leyton Orient, with two goalkeepers facing off in an intense one-minute exercise called ‘Keeper Combat’, with the pair of them having to try and score past the other ‘keeper and then quickly attempt to keep out their opponent’s efforts from a distance of ten yards.

60 seconds might not sound like a long time but when you’re constantly on the move, having to get up off the ground on numerous occasions and facing bullets of shots from close range it’s pretty tough and sure enough, both men were blowing pretty hard come the end of it.

Any goalkeepers reading this will probably be familiar with this or something similar and if not, they’ll be cursing the fact that it’s gaining more exposure because enjoyable though it might be, we’re not sure if we’d want to have to go through it every single day.

This exercise on the other hand…

Video via YouTube/Leyton Orient Football Club