What do Barcelona players eat after a match? The same stuff we're eating on the couch 9 years ago

What do Barcelona players eat after a match? The same stuff we're eating on the couch

You might be surprised to learn about the Barcelona's post-match eating habits. It's not what we expected at all.

Barcelona played a scoreless draw away to Malaga the other night, but their post-match menu was somehow leaked and it made for some interesting reading according to the Daily Mail. None of your big protein shakes here. Just simple food for simple people it seems.


For instance, the great Lionel Messi asked for a cheese pizza after the game. No frills there from the man with more frills than a wedding suit from the seventies.  He's a good fellah really and rarely ever gives less than a four-star performance so who are we to judge him? In fact pizza was also the choice of Iniesta, Pedro and Neymar.

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Gerard Pique asks for a Nutella sandwich. Yes, a Nutella sandwich. We've checked his age and he's definitely not 11 years old, but this is what he insists on after a match. We can only assume that when he's finished the sandwich he pleads for another ten minutes watching telly before being whisked off to bed for story-time before lights out.

New signing Ivan Rakitic showed off his maturity and obvious willingness to impress by enjoying some sushi after the game. Nothing says dedication to the cause like eating raw fish.


These supreme athletes have whetted our appetite for the game again, but more so for the post-match meals.

Here is the full leaked list, as published in Spanish paper Libertaddigital.

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