What TV show do you think topped Entertainment Weekly’s all-time greatest list? 10 years ago

What TV show do you think topped Entertainment Weekly’s all-time greatest list?

Feel free to put forward a guess if you will but remember, you come at the King, you best not miss.

Fans of The Wire will or at least should have immediately have picked up on the Omar-related hint above to determine that it was in fact the HBO show about the drug trade in Baltimore that Entertainment Weekly deemed to be the greatest small screen offering of all time.


EW described it as the show with 'the most sustained narrative in television history' and despite struggling to gain popularity early on, it developed a cult following thanks to the multi-layered storylines and some of the most memorable characters in television history, from the aforementioned Omar to Stringer Bell to the brilliant Jimmy McNulty.

The list is a very American-oriented one but there are still plenty of shows that will be very familiar to audiences this side of the pond. There will be few arguments with The Simpsons at number two (apart from the many who will believe it should have been number one, of course), ditto Seinfeld at number three, The Sopranos at number five and Mad Men at number nine.

Any shows you feel should have made the cut? Breaking Bad, maybe? Game of Thrones? Glenroe?

To check out a comprehensive list of the Entertainment Weekly’s 100 all-time greatest TV shows of all time, check out their website here.


Entertainment Weekly All-Time Greatest TV shows

10. Your Show of Shows

9. Mad Men

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


7. The Andy Griffith Show

6. All in the Family

5. The Sopranos

4. The Mary Tyler Moore Show


3. Seinfeld

2. The Simpsons

1. The Wire