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13th Aug 2013

When the Pope met God – His Holiness meets Messi and the Argentinian football squad

Let's hope he didn't make a holy show of himself...

Eoghan Doherty

We reckon this is the closest that Pope Francis will ever come to meeting God himself – Lionel Messi.

We knew he was a Roman Catholic alright what with all the roamin’ he does up and down the Barca wing. Wahey!

With Argentina playing Italy in a friendly in Rome tomorrow night, the two squads travelled to the Vatican to meet the Catholic Church head honcho himself, Pope Francis. Coincidentally, the Argentine Pope is even named after the patron saint of football.

Trust us, it’s a fact… that we just made up.

The Pope is one of the most famous football fans in the world and supports the Saints of San Lorenzo team in his hometown of Buenos Aires.

You see? Just like a girl named Krystal will always grow up to be a stripper, the Pope will always support a football team with a Holy sounding nickname – The Saints.

When questioned by journalists though, the big man would not say on whether he would be supporting Argentina or Italy when the match rolls round.

“It will be a bit difficult for me to cheer for one team, but fortunately it is just a friendly match and may it really be like that, I hope”, he said.

What a cop out.

Check out the tweet from Javier Mascherano who was pretty excited about meeting “his Sanctity Pope Francisco.”