Would you watch an all-Simpsons TV channel? 11 years ago

Would you watch an all-Simpsons TV channel?

As crazy as it sounds, 20th Century Fox have begun preliminary plans to launch a TV channel that will show nothing but The Simpsons 24 hours a day.

Let's face it, we get enough of The Simpsons from Sky 1, Channel 4 and RTE Two on a daily basis, so would you be interested in an entire channel for everyone's favourite yellow family?


According to Slice of Sci-Fi, News Corporation's COO Chase Carey has said that the group are looking to improve the show's revenue and have discussed the possibilitly of a Simpsons-only channel. The show has been running for over 20 years and is gearing up towards its 23rd season and 500th episode.

As the site explains: "Carey said there have been a “number of meetings” to determine how to capitalize on its library of episodes of The Simpsons and he mentioned a digital channel featuring nothing but Homer and the gang as being a possibility. Carey said it is incumbent on the company to take advantage of a show that is “unique in television with a volume, too, that is unprecedented.”

Although the idea sounds quite unlikely, the sheer size of The Simpson's back catalogue means according to Slash Film, the show could potentially show only Simpsons, plus commercials, for nearly 11 days before a single repeat would be shown.