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05th Aug 2017

WATCH: Marty Morrissey calls out man who down right refuses to have stag party

He went all out


“I’m down here in Waterford today, expecting there to be a stag on.”

James Cooper is not a happy man. Why is James Cooper not a happy man? Because one of his best friends, Peter Hearne, went away and got married but refused to have a stag.

He’s been at his best friend since to have a stag but to no avail, his friend doesn’t want to hear tell of it.

Cooper then came across RTÉ Sports Commentator and all round legend, Marty Morrisey and when he told him about the goings on, Marty was not one bit best pleased…

Marty says that the fact that Peter was able to pull Tara is a “miracle because she could have any man in Ireland” and told her that “if you’re looking for a real man, my number is 087,” before saying that he would give it to her privately without Peter hearing.

Marty, you dawg.

James Cooper got in touch with JOE to tell us the craic:

“He went away and got married in New York on the 28 March (no problem there I did the same) but the bastard had no stag! He’s an awful messer so I reckon he knew what he had coming.

“I got Derek McGrath to make a video giving out about it being bad form and just sent it to him and never shared it (but it’s in the comments on the Marty video now).

“I was working and saw Marty and chanced my arm and have to say he was a legend and a gentleman and went above and beyond in the name of messing so that has to be noted.

“As you can expect with the cork match coming up the gaa scene down here is hopping mad and Peter Hearne is a huge part of the de la salle club and a great friend, father and husband but he’s a total gowl bag and needs a weekend away with the lads to put manners on him! We need it to be the first stag in history after the wedding!!”

Well, Peter Hearne boy, the pressure is on now. So what’s it going to be?

If you can’t view the video, you can watch it here.