WATCH: The beginners guide to drinking wine like a pro 4 years ago

WATCH: The beginners guide to drinking wine like a pro

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"Wine doesn’t have to be as complicated as people think it is"


With so many wine choices available to us it can be easier to stick with the tried and tested favourites however, exploring new wines can open up a whole world of exciting flavours and experiences.

The wine section of your local store can feel like your charting unknown territory when you’ve no idea what the difference is between your fleurie’s or beaujolais’s – we’ve all been there.

But don’t worry - help is at hand! To celebrate SuperValu's French wine sale this month, we've teamed up with SuperValu's wine expert Kevin O'Callaghan, Irish rugby legend Jerry Flannery and Girls with Goals host Niamh Maher to help you feel a little more comfortable in the wine section of your local SuperValu and to make it easier for you to make the right choice for you.

In what makes for a hilarious viewing, Niamh and Jerry go head to head for the title of wine expert. They try a number of delicious wines from the SuperValu French wine range, and in the end must guess which is which. A cheat sheet for some include:

  • Guy Saget Sancerre: look for hints of green apple and citrus fruit profiles
  • Chablis Andre Goichot: You’ll taste tropical notes like melon and pineapple
  • Fleurie Andre Goichot: Red fruits are prominent here

See the full range here

O'Callaghan makes the point that wine doesn't have to be as complicated as people think it is and that the most knowledgeable wine connoisseurs are usually the most laid back.

Watch the full video to brush up on your wine connoisseur skills and impress the in-laws or your mates the next time you have to bring a bottle of red over for dinner.


Kevin’s top tips:

Can you only drink red wine with red meat? 


No, Fleurie is great with fish – particularly the more pungent fishes like salmon. In fact, people in Bordeaux love red wine with fish. 

What’s the best wine to bring to a dinner party, to impress? 

The little less know wines are always more impressive, people think “oh this is interesting”, something like a Vacqueyras Remy Ferbras.

Does the glass matter?

For me, yes, but it's a debatable topic. I love red wine from bigger glasses and the thinner the glass, the better on the lips. Drink white wine from smaller glasses- I hate it when people pour me a large white wine. For me, white should be little and often so you should have it chilled all the time.


Is aeration as important with white wines as it is with red? 

It’s just as important to aerate a white wine as it is to chill it. Aerating or decanting all wines will improve them. It doesn’t have to be a fancy decanter; any clean glass jug will do. You just need to expose the wine to as much surface air as possible, ensuring you allow the wine to breathe.

The SuperValu French wine sale is in-store  from 5 September - 25 September. Buy any six bottles and save an additional €10 - on all wines instore, including wines already on offer. This offer applies to all wines 75cl or more.

Brought to you by SuperValu