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15th Jul 2017

WATCH: This Wexford mammy’s reaction to seeing her daughter after years apart is priceless

She was extremely shocked.


“Well Ma, what’s the craic?”

They are five little words but words that sent this Irish Mammy into overdrive. Bernie Byrne was out on holidays in Denver to see her son and his family when she got more than she bargained for.

She was sitting down, relaxing and watching some television for herself when her daughter, Grainne, who has been in Vancouver for the last couple of years, casually walks in the door.

Bernie’s reaction is absolutely priceless and it takes her about five seconds to realise that her daughter is stood in front of her and when she does realise, she is completely taken aback.

As you can expect, many hugs and tears follow…

Sarah Lawlor who is Bernie’s daughter told JOE:

“My Mam was brought on holiday to my brother and his family who live in Denver. But as she was there minding her own business enjoying her holiday she got the fright of her life when my sister who lives in Vancouver thousands of miles away unexpectedly walks in the door, and says “How are ya Ma what’s the craic”… She got the shock of her life but gave the cutest reaction.

“At home here in Gorey Wexford Ireland our hearts are melting as it is so cute. This Irish Mammy is our hard-working Mammy of nine of us.

“She was treated to this holiday to Denver Colorado by the eldest in the family ‘Niall’ as a thank you for getting the youngest of the nine (Meabh) through the leaving cert.

“Ending 34 years of school books and homework for this hard-working Mammy. She is enjoying her holiday and so grateful to also be now spending time with her daughter (my sister Grainne) who she never anticipated for one minute that she would even see.”

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