Businesses in Dublin that pay the living wage will be able to display it publicly from now on 2 years ago

Businesses in Dublin that pay the living wage will be able to display it publicly from now on

The Lord Mayor of Dublin will launch the Dublin Living Wage Initiative at the Mansion House this week.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Brendan Carr, will launch an initiative that recognises businesses which pay a living wage of €11.50 per hour to their permanent employees this week.

As part of the initiative, businesses which pay their employees the living wage will be granted permission to display a Dublin Living Wage Plaque at the entrance to their premises.

The initiative, Carr says, “is aimed at rewarding good employers and also kicking off a much needed debate on whether we as a city can continue to subsidise employers who fail to pay workers a wage which is sufficient for them to live on without having to draw upon other supports”.

“The growing crisis of low pay for workers in Dublin must be faced up to,” Carr added.

“In this city there are residents in full time employment whose overall earnings are so insufficient that their families have to avail of emergency accommodation. This is a situation which is putting a severe strain on families, the State and local authority services.”

A committee to be appointed by Dublin City Council will consider applications by businesses for inclusion in the Dublin Living Wage Initiative.

With the initiative, Dublin City Council will be following the footsteps of local authorities in several cities across the globe that have implemented similar policies, include Belfast, London and Dublin’s sister city of San Jose in California.

“I have made clear for some time my commitment to this initiative and have been dismayed by the response of some business representative organisations,” Carr added.

“An employee receiving a living wage is something that should be welcomed by the business community as it provides people with a minimum socially acceptable standard of living, which allows them to play an active role within the local economy.

“Dublin, as a community and an economy, can no longer afford to have a growing proportion of its workforce forced to subside on a wage which does not allow them to fully participate.

“From tomorrow, businesses across the city will have the opportunity to apply to the City Council to become part of the initiative and display a plaque which indicates that they are doing their bit to ensure our city thrives.”