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02nd Nov 2023

Heineken to completely halt brewing Island’s Edge stout

Rory Cashin

Island's Edge

Island’s Edge stout was launched just two years ago.

Heineken Ireland has reportedly put an end to brewing their Island’s Edge stout after just two years on the market. Initially launched mid-2021, the goal was the attract up to 10% of stout drinkers in Ireland, with the aim of putting a dent in the marketshare that Guinness has with their product.

At the time, Island’s Edge head brewer stated that when they started developing the new stout, they played with over 100 recipes and countless ingredients to see what they could add to stout to achieve its unique taste. Their final recipe included adding a small amount of tea to soften the bitterness of stout.

And just like Guinness, Island’s Edge had its uniquely designed tall conical glass to drink the stout of, another difference to the regular stout pour glass.

While Heineken aimed almost singularly at the 18-35 year old demographic as new entrants to the stout drinking market, given a push by a necessarily hefty marketing campaign, but as per the report by The Irish Times, “there was little demand from their customers for the stout.”

Main image via X/@IslandsEdge

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