The first episode of 'The Architects of Business' has just launched on JOE 4 years ago

The first episode of 'The Architects of Business' has just launched on JOE

If you've ever considered starting up your own business, The Architects of Business is one weekly show you won't want to miss.

JOE is proud to announce the arrival of The Architects of Business, our brand new show in partnership with EY Entrepreneur of the Year aimed at telling the stories behind the success of Ireland's leading entrepreneurs.


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Presented by Tadhg Enright, The Architects of Business will be looking at the human stories behind some massive worldwide brands, with a particular focus on Irish success stories both at home and overseas.

We aim to celebrate those Irish businesses and entrepreneurs who all had their moments of doubt and struggle, but who lead the way for the next generation of people - young or old - who may have an idea, may want to switch careers, may need a nudge to start doing what they really love.

That is what The Architects of Business is looking to achieve in as direct and conversational way as possible.


Our first show will will feature two people whose products sell in their thousands every day in Irish shops all over the country.

Colum O’Sullivan and Cullen Allen are better known as the founders of Cully and Sully, which specialises in everything from soups to pies to lasagnes to lots more. It is one of Ireland's best loved food brands and a company that has gone from strength to strength since it was established in Cork in 2004. 

Colum and Cullen, whose grandmother Myrtle started the Ballymaloe brand more than 50 years ago, speak to Tadhg about their early days in the business and how they have made Cully and Sully so popular with shoppers across the country in recent times.

The Architects of Business, brought to you in partnership with EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™, will be available every Monday morning on iTunes, Soundcloud and YouTube.