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Must be nice.

In a year where it was estimated that Daniel O'Donnell was worth a ridiculous €31 million and Jake Livermore signed for West Brom for £10 million, it's fair to say that money is not what it used to be.

Even Freddo bars are more expensive these days.

One thing about money that will always remain the same, is that Forbes will accurately document the richest people in the world, every year.

This year featured a list of 10 men, each of whom are billionaires, and each of whom are somewhat richer than they were last year. Among the top 10 are popular names such as Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet, but it's Bill Gates who topped the list with a whopping net worth of $87 billion. Conor McGregor has a bit to go yet...

You can see the full list here, if you want to feel extremely motivated or extremely depressed.

Ireland can boast one extremely impressive feat on this year's list, with Limerick's Jack Collison being the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. Good man Jack.


Well hello there...

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