Jamie Heaslip is backing this app that is changing the face of retail in Ireland 6 years ago

Jamie Heaslip is backing this app that is changing the face of retail in Ireland

On The Capital B this week we'll need a clean up on aisle 3, as we're spilling all the secrets from the Irish retail sector (we promise to work on our jokes).

Do you ever need something but have no clue where to find it? Enter Pointy, a new technology that works for both retailers and consumers.


Nick Webb welcomes Mark Cummins, the man behind Pointy, to The Capital B this week. Not his first forray into the world of tech (he previously sold a company to Google...no biggie), Pointy aims to help get local stores online as well as help consumers find the products they need fast.

Listen to the full interview with Mark at 32.48 or continue reading below...

So what exactly does it do? Pointy is a device that attaches to the barcode scanner in each shop and automatically lists the products to a website, Mark explained where the concept came from;


"It really simplifies making a website for a local shop, quite a lot of local retailers have websites but they're not getting anything out of it... consumers are looking for products and that product information is not available online so all the local shops are invisible. When people are doing these searches on Google they're getting redirected, so local stores are not picking up the business that by rights they should be"

"It's like a location service, most of the time people just want to go in and pick up the product in person, you'd be absolutely amazed by what people search for..."

Pointy also has some big name investors behind it, international rugby star Jamie Heaslip is involved, who Mark says has a huge interest in tech;

"He's actually very tech savvy, it's an interest of his, he likes that we have a local Irish angle".

Great to be part of the @getpointy team. http://bizplus.ie/jamie-heaslip-invests-in-pointy/

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