Ryanair chief marketing officer talks about a potential return of the famous trumpet noise 6 years ago

Ryanair chief marketing officer talks about a potential return of the famous trumpet noise

The notorious trumpet divides opinions...

Kenny Jacobs is the chief marketing officer of one of this country's most well-known companies, so obviously, he knows a thing or two about business.


On this week's Capital B podcast, he spoke about the Ryanair trumpet sound that used to cause an ironic cheer at the end of every flight, and the potential of a comeback for the infamous noise.

Jacobs said: "I've had numerous letters from customers saying, 'What about the trumpet?'...We've taken it away for the moment but we might bring it back due to popular demand."

He also discussed a really cool idea that he may be looking to implement, in which the music that you hear when you land is representative of that of the city you have landed in. "I would look to having planes landing in Dublin, landing to Thin Lizzy. Planes landing in Manchester, I would love to have them landing to Oasis. It could get people really in the mood for the destination that they're landing into." Seems like a great idea to us!

Seems like a great idea to us!


If that didn't work, Jacobs toyed with the idea of having a fan competition, with the winning prize being your song being played when a Ryanair flight lands. He described it as a, "Battle of the bands."

The chat wasn't all music based, as Jacobs gave some brilliant advice to anyone who has an interest in marketing. He gave one particularly interesting snippet, that he says he has followed for years: "Be like Aldi when it comes to prices, be like Amazon when it comes to digital and move faster than anybody else."

It's a really insightful discussion. Have a listen here: