Scurri founder Rory O'Connor on setting up his cloud-based business in Wexford town  1 year ago

Scurri founder Rory O'Connor on setting up his cloud-based business in Wexford town 

We're all for it too.

Behind plenty of those eBay, Gymshark, Ocado, Vision Direct and Gousto deliveries is Wexford-based cloud service Scurri.


Founder Rory O'Connor (a Wexford man himself) launched the business in 2010 with the aim of making it easier for e-commerce merchants to get their millions of goods delivered by means of more efficient paths and technology.

With 30 employees working within the office that's situated just a few minutes walk from the beach, that work-life balance sounds beautifully peachy to us. But is setting up outside The Pale always so simple?

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On this week's All In business show, Rory spoke about why Scurri was set up in Wexford town rather than the picturesque seaside of Duncannon, its initial base.

"If we want people to live in our communities, if we want to have a rural Ireland that's effective, then we have to invest in the broadband plan.

"...the original idea was that we would live beside the beach and literally be able to walk onto the beach in our original office but the broadband there wasn't good enough.

" this day and age it is not acceptable that everybody doesn't have access to broadband — it's as important as water and we've got to get that sorted.


"...not everybody wants to live in Dublin and I think that we have people who want to embrace remote working and want to be able to have that kind of lifestyle. I think taking pressure off the capital and the resources in the capital, if we're going to do that, we need to have the infrastructure to do so."

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