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14th Nov 2019

Selling your company is ‘like a car crash’ says Kinzen founder Mark Little

Louise Carroll

Don’t believe the hype.

That is according to journalist, presenter, author and entrepreneur, Mark Little, because while exiting a company and selling for millions is a dreamy prospect indeed, plenty naively assume it’s as easy as pie.

On this week’s All In business show, Mark speaks about exit strategy alongside Act Venture Capital’s John O’Sullivan and Scurri founder Rory O’Connor, but rather than create a rosy narrative, he revealed that ‘the day after an exit, is like waking up after a car crash and you’re checking your limbs to make sure that you’re still intact and you’re still alive and your profound sense is not elation — it’s relief.’

Listen to the full interview here.

The former RTÉ Prime Time presenter sold Storyful — the social media intelligence and news agency — in 2013 for €18 million where it then became a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

My wife took a taxi the day that we sold Storyful — couldn’t pay for the taxi. We were literally, personally, invested so heavily in the business, we had nothing.”

In 2018, Mark launched Kinzen which aims to provide and champion expert-led news and information.

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