The strangest things to have been sold on DoneDeal, according to its creator 1 year ago

The strangest things to have been sold on DoneDeal, according to its creator

"We had a plane on the website at one stage."

If there's one thing we love in Ireland, it's a good bargain. Be that for a bedside locker, an old bicycle or a second-hand car, is often the first port of call.


Sometimes, whatever someone is looking to sell doesn't really fit into a category like furniture or motors. Speaking to host Sonya Lennon on The Architects of Business, in partnership with EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™, Founder of DoneDeal Fred Karlsson said there's been a few items sold that would warrant their own category.

"One day, we get an email from a lady and she says, 'I’m trying to sell my plane, but I can’t find the plane category'. And we go, 'Sorry, we don’t have a plane category … yet, but we’re working on it!'," Fred said.

Much to Fred's surprise, the plane was actually sold on the site before they were able to create a relevant category. While this meant the woman selling the plane was delighted, it meant Fred wouldn't be able to capitalise on any demand for second-hand aircraft.

"We still can’t have a plane section because the plane sold too quick; we need to have five or six planes before. I don’t think there’s still a plane section on the website unfortunately," he said.

Tempted by the Blues Brothers

It's not just airplanes that would need their own section; the 2010 EY Entrepreneur of The Year Finalist said there has been no shortage of other oddities on sale. They take all sorts however, and there is almost always a buyer to be found for every seller.


"At one stage, we had life-sized statues of the Blues Brothers. Someone had two life-sized statues, and they had photos in their home in their living room.

"I was very tempted by that, but they were up in the north so it was just too far to go and get them, and we lived in a very small house at the time. So, I don't think Geraldine would have been too impressed!" he said.

No matter what it is you're selling, Fred said the same principles always apply. When asked what he thinks are the key tips for selling on his platform, he said that presentation is half the battle.

"The focus is on the pictures... What do people do when they go and look at a car? Well, they sit in it, and feel the steering wheel.

"When you're trying to sell a car, you should do the same photos of the wheel, close-up. Everywhere where people would normally be nosy and stick your head in," he said.


The same can be said whether you're selling a twin-jet airplane or a one-litre Vectra.

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