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21st Mar 2024

Netflix users threaten to cancel their subscriptions over extremely X-rated series

Ryan Price


The raunchy series dropped on the streaming platform earlier this month.

A number of furious Netflix users have threatened to ‘cancel their subscriptions’ after watching an explicit teaser clip for a new series, Supersex.

Since they released the trailer for the raunchy series back in January, viewers have been waiting on tenterhooks for the series to drop. Before you go any further, I’ll warn you: even though this is just a trailer, you probably won’t want your parents catching you watching it. It might be one of the most X-rated trailers ever released…

Supersex is a new series from Netflix inspired by the life and career of Rocco Siffredi, an Italian adult film star who has appeared in more than 1,300 porn videos.

With Alessandro Borghi playing Siffredi, the series looks at how Siffredi went from being Rocco Tano, a “simple guy from Ortona” in central Italy, to becoming the “most famous pornstar in the world.”

And it doesn’t look like the series, written and created by Italian screenwriter Francesca Manieri, will hold back.

Big reaction to Supersex on Netflix

In the trailer, which is less than two minutes long, there’s drama, moaning, fights, partying, heavy breathing, explosions and a fair amount of skin on show.

Along with real stories from Siffredi’s life, Supersex will also use fictional storylines. For example, the character of Lucia – played by Jasmine Trinca – is a fictional woman who “represents a synthesis of most women with whom Rocco had a relationship in his life,” according to the synopsis.

The series will also star Adriano Giannini as Rocco’s half-brother Tommaso; Saul Nanni, who plays a younger Rocco, and Gaia Messerklinger as female Italian porn star, Moana Pozzi.

“Inspired by true events, this is the story of how Rocco Siffredi escaped a humble life and emerged as the world’s greatest porn star,” Netflix’s official synopsis reads.

The hype for the show has been massive, with fans taking to social media to share their excitement to watch the full thing after seeing the trailer.

The drama has been rated by Netflix strictly for viewers aged 18 and over – but that hasn’t stopped fans from sharing their disgust over the ‘inappropriate’ content released by the steaming giant on their US Instagram page.

The steamy, seconds-long scene was posted on March 7 before it was mysteriously deleted, and it reportedly featured the show’s star making out and thrusting against several scantily clad women. 

Having viewed the clip, several people complained on social media about the addition of such sexual content to the platform, and threatened to delete the app in order to protect their children.

In the comments section underneath the now-deleted post, one user wrote: “Now we have porn on Netflix as well? Cancelling account while we speak, my kids can’t see this.”

Another parent wrote: “Isn’t this inappropriate for a platform where KIDS FOLLOW YOU?!” One other comment read: “Are we just making porn mainstream now? It’s pretty sickening that there is no warning on explicit content like this.  Yet women who post a picture breastfeeding are flagged. This should be a separate category on Netflix if you want to put stuff like this out.”

Likewise, in the comments section of the trailer video on YouTube, people expressed their dissatisfaction at the nature of the show.

Despite the backlash, Supersex seems to be impressing a lot of critics and audience members who have sat down to watch the series.

Season one currently has a Tomatometer score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, and Audience Score of 70%.

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