A minimum price for alcohol could be introduced in Ireland 5 years ago

A minimum price for alcohol could be introduced in Ireland

It's a step closer.

Ireland could be about to introduce a minimum price on alcohol after a decision by a Scottish court has ruled that establishing a lowest price for drink is not in breach of EU law.


The appeal by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), was dismissed at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, with judges saying the grounds submitted "were not well founded' and that a minimum price is not in breach of European law.

The decision could be challenged in the UK’s Supreme Court, but as things currently stand, the Scottish parliament looks very likely to implement this ruling.

This clearly has implications for Ireland because any potential legal threat that a minimum price might have on similar Irish legislation has now been diminished - in fact, the topic is set to be discussed next week in the Seanad.

Alcohol Action Ireland have welcomed the ruling, describing it as “a positive ruling for public health in Ireland”. They also stated that "the widespread availability of discounted alcohol in supermarkets is one of the key issues driving the misuse of alcohol, which is responsible for three deaths every day in Ireland, as well as a wide range of other harms".


A recent price survey conducted by Alcohol Action Ireland, found that by buying the cheapest alcohol available in supermarkets, a man can reach his low-risk weekly limit of 17 standard drinks for just €7.65 and a woman can reach her low-risk weekly limit of 11 standard drinks for just €4.95.