These are the best wireless headphones you can buy for under €30 9 months ago

These are the best wireless headphones you can buy for under €30

The best budget wireless headphones out there...

When we say there’s nothing special about something, it doesn’t always have to be a negative statement.

In fact, in this instance, you should see it very much as a positive. There's no bells and whistles, just exactly what you need.

I’ve tested out the VAVA Moov 28 for a few weeks and can safely say that if you spend your money on this budget set of earbuds, you will not be disappotined.

A first look at the Moov 28 and there’s nothing eye catching about them. But they don’t look cheap, they look like a sturdy, well-made set of headphones.

The earbuds fit well, but the box comes with a variety of earbud sizes which means you can switch them up until you find yourself a comfortable fit.

Just below the right earbud is the control panel comprising of three buttons, forward, back and a multifunction button which acts as a play/pause and power button.

There’s also a nifty little magnet on the back of each earbud which allows them to clip together around your neck like a mini-necklace when they’re not in use.

While they’re advertised as having an eight hour battery life, the Moov 28 lasted beyond the eight hour threshold on a couple of occasions. It takes about two hours to charge them fully via micro-USB.

In terms of sound quality, the Moov 28 are far ahead of anything else in their price range. They’re superior to Apple’s AirPods and while they don’t quite match up to the sound quality of some of the other €150+ range of earbuds, the quality is certainly good enough for your morning run or gym session.

Did we mention that they're splash proof? Internal nano coating keeps the headphones fully functional even when breaking a sweat or being used under light rain.

Overall, for a cost of just over €26 on Amazon, we reckon they're among the best budget wireless headphones you can buy.