Check out one of Dublin's fastest growing restaurants, the Bunsen Burger 9 years ago

Check out one of Dublin's fastest growing restaurants, the Bunsen Burger

With a catchy name and tasty food, the Bunsen Burger in Dublin is becoming one of the go-to places for the classic burger and fries meal in Dublin.

Located on Wexford Street, the Bunsen Burger is the brainchild of Tom Gleeson, who after receiving his training in Ballymaloe and gaining valuable experience in England and New York is keen to offer the finest hamburger and fries in the capital.


“Our menu is currently hamburgers, cheese-burgers and fries. We are also doing milkshakes, sodas and beer once we get our licence,” Tom says.

“Our focus to begin with was to keep a simple menu and make sure the quality is very high for the food we offer. In the future, we will expand the menu in terms of toppings and deserts but the primary aim will still be to do the best hamburger we can day in day out.”

And only the finest ingredients can produce such high quality food. Black Aberdeen angus beef is blended according to the house recipe, combining specific ratios of three different cuts of beef. The buns are delivered fresh every morning from Tallaght and even with regards to the cheese used there is no stone left unturned.

“I tested 50 different kinds of cheese before arriving at the american style hamburger cheese we now use.”



Tom’s passion for the hamburger was cultivated during his time in New York and while he lent on differing recipes from the Big Apple, the Bunsen Burger is definitely an unique flavour.

“There are several places in New York, the Burger Joint and Shake Shack to name a few, that offered a really delicious but simple burger.”

“The style of burger was very different to the kind of burgers on offer in Ireland at present and I felt that this was really missing in the Irish market.”


The Bunsen Burger has been going down a treat with customers as word continues to spread about this delicious offering from Tom and his team.

It certainly gets the thumbs up from all in the JOE office.

You can check out the Bunsen Burger Facebook page for more info.