'Drunk yoga' is a thing now, should you be interested 9 months ago

'Drunk yoga' is a thing now, should you be interested

The dream, tbf.

Yoga, in its most general sense, is quite relaxing.


It's slow, it's stretchy, it's done in a quiet room with an instructor who has a soothing enough voice.

A decent enough situation all round - and although yoga in itself is pretty perfect, there is one thing that could make it that bit more ideal.

Alcohol, apparently.

A retreat in Mexico is currently running a yoga course that combines exercise with delicious cocktails and astrology readings.

The Haven Riviera Cancun retreat is run by Drunk Yogi Eli Walker, who told Lonely Planet that the event is for like-minded people who want to focus on their mental health, their core and tasty drinks all in one go.


Aptly named New Year, Do You, the retreat includes sober morning yoga, astrology readings, specialised workshops, and curated cocktails.

Walker said that the retreat isn't just about drinking, but about discovering more about yourself. While drinking.

He told Lonely Planet:


"This retreat is for the 'spiritually-curious' folks who perhaps aren't quite ready to take the plunge into a full, 10-day vegan yoga and meditation retreat/cleanse, but are ready to dive a little deeper into understanding themselves and their relationship to the universe in a fun, pressure-free environment."

Naturally, Walker's Drunk Yoga doesn't come all that cheap, with prices for a place on the retreat starting at $899 per person.

They'd wanna be some hefty cocktails, in fairness.