Dublin Marathon to move to lottery system to deal with demand for race entries 3 years ago

Dublin Marathon to move to lottery system to deal with demand for race entries

Demand for registration for this year’s marathon could not be met despite an additional 2,500 places.

Race organisers for the KBC Dublin Marathon have announced that registration for the 2020 Dublin Marathon will occur through a lottery system instead of the first-come, first-served online process.


The decision was made as a result of the increased demand for race entries after demand for the 2019 marathon, which took place on Sunday, could not be met despite an extra 2,500 places being added this year.

Dublin Marathon race director Jim Aughney said: “Many races that have more interested runners than they can accommodate have moved to a lottery registration system in recent years. Demand for the Dublin Marathon has never been greater, and we believe the lottery is the fairest system to offer all runners the same opportunity to participate.”

Entry to the 2020 KBC Dublin Marathon lottery will be open from Friday, 1 November to Saturday, 30 November 2019 ONLY, via a public webpage which will be hosted by Eventmaster.

22,500 places will be available in total, with a number of these places allocated to Athletics Ireland membership. Athletics Ireland members will qualify under the Good For Age standards and can apply on 1 April as long as they have a valid Athletics Ireland membership.


There will be a registration fee of €15 per lottery entry, which will be fully refundable if the applicant is not successful and fully redeemable against the entry fee if the applicant is successful.

Registrants will learn their entry status via SMS and email between 3-10 January next year. Successful entrants will have until 31 January 2020 to redeem the offer.

Any initial places not redeemed by 31 January 2020 will be re-allocated by lottery to entrants who were not successful. The applicants will learn their entry status via SMS and email between 4-7 February 2020 and these offers must be redeemed by 14 February 2020.

Full terms and conditions for applications can be seen below.

  • Applicants will be obligated to enter all registrant information required to satisfy the 2020 event and will be charged €15 to enter. This fee will be refunded if not successful by the end of August 2020 or will be offset against entry fee if successful.
  • KBC Dublin Marathon to select successful lottery applications randomly, but in a manner to ensure that the current balance of Irish and overseas runners and runners of all abilities is maintained.
  • Eventmaster will issue SMS to be sent to the successful applicants with a direct link to register for the event. Access link will direct the user to their registration page on the 2020 marathon event with the data from the lottery pre-populated – Name, email, gender, DOB, mobile will not be editable, ensuring that only the selected applicant can use that lottery link. Fee of €75 to enter (€90 less €15 already paid) + additional purchases and booking fee (€3) as normal. Successful applicants will have until MIDNIGHT, 31 January 2020 to use the link. Email reminders will be issued.
  • Applicants who have been unsuccessful with will receive an email to inform them.
  • Any places not redeemed will be offered via lottery system to those originally unsuccessful from 4-7 February 2020 with offers needing to be redeemed by 14 February.
  • Refund option opens from 2-15 June, 2020. A refund of 70% of the entry fee will be returned once your application has been accepted. The refund will be available on “Manage My Bookings” from your entry confirmation link. This will be the only opportunity to avail of a refund for 2020.
  • Any unallocated numbers to be offered to any unsuccessful lottery applicants on 1-7 July 2020 with offers needing to be redeemed by 14 July.
  • Refund issued of €15 to those that were unsuccessful.

For more information, check out the Dublin Marathon website.