A €7 million cycle route has been approved for one of the busiest areas of Dublin 3 years ago

A €7 million cycle route has been approved for one of the busiest areas of Dublin

Dublin City Council have granted approval for a cycle route from Clontarf to Dublin city centre, a route of approximately 2.5 kilometres.

According to irishcycle.com, approval for the route was granted at a meeting of Dublin City Council on Monday night, subject to amendments to bus stops, junctions and traffic signalling along the route.


The project is expected to cost €7.35 million.

As per the initial proposal on the Dublin City Council website, the works shall comprise of the construction of approximately 2.5km of high-quality cycle facilities, improved footpaths and landscaping from Clontarf Road/Alfie Byrne Road, via Clontarf Road, Marino Mart, Fairview, Annesley Bridge Road, North Strand Road and Amiens Street.

The scheme will also include provision of a portion of the Tolka Valley Greenway linking Alfie Byrne Road with Annesley Bridge Road, while the route will traverse underneath Clontarf Road Railway Bridge, North Strand Road Railway Bridge and Amiens Street Railway Bridge, (all of which are protected structures) and over Annesley Bridge at the Tolka River and Newcomen Bridge at the Royal Canal (protected structures).

The Irish Times, meanwhile, reports that in order to prevent the felling of historic trees along the proposed route, it has been agreed to restrict cars to one lane for a 300m section (in front of Fairview Park, from the junction of the Malahide Road to Merville Avenue) to make space for the cycle path.

Construction is scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2018.