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Eating cake for breakfast can help you lose weight. Seriously.
If you're trying to lose some weight maybe you should break out the chocolate cake. Scientists have revealed that eating chocolate cake as part of a full breakfast can actually help you to shift the pounds. Seriously.

Are you trying to lose weight? Maybe you should break out some chocolate cake. No, seriously. Scientists have revealed that eating chocolate cake as part of a full breakfast can actually help you to shift those stubborn pounds.

The Irish Independent reports that new research reveals that having dessert, along with a traditional fry up, can help you to burn off extra weight.

According to the research, first thing in the morning is the best time to eat junk food because that’s when your body’s metabolism is at its peak – and you have the rest of the day to work off the calories.

Scientists have found that eating biscuits or chocolate as part of a breakfast that includes carbs and proteins, can stop you craving sweets and junk food later on in the day.

As part of their research, scientists split 193 clinically obese participants into two groups. One group consumed a low-carb breakfast that had 330 calories, while the other group scoffed down a 600 calorie breakfast that included a chocolate cake dessert.

The results? The group that was eating the cake breakfast lost an average of 40 pounds more than their peers.

Although both of the groups consumed the same total daily calories – the men ate 1,600 calories a day and the women had 1,400 – according to one researcher, the participants in the low-carb breakfast group had “less satisfaction and felt that they were not full.”

The group that ate the larger breakfast, complete with chocolate cake, reported that they felt less cravings for junk food  later on in the day.

Apparently ingesting a higher amount of our daily calories at breakfast is not only good for body function but it also stops us reaching for sweets in the evenings.


Somebody pass us the cake…

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