Ex-drinkers share their incredible transformations after giving up booze 2 years ago

Ex-drinkers share their incredible transformations after giving up booze

Alcohol is as much a part of our culture as tea, football or moaning about the weather.

When it's enjoyed responsibly and in moderation it's fine - who doesn't like a few beers to unwind every now and then?

But alcohol can also be an incredibly damaging substance when you abuse it - and it can have grave consequences on your body, your mind and your overall health.

We're sure you probably know the grim list of harmful effects alcohol can cause - cancer, strokes, liver disease, reduced fertility and not to mention exacerbating depression and anxiety.

But there's nothing more striking that seeing the physical toll it can take on the human body. The weight gain, the inflammation, the puffy face, the blotchy, tired skin.

Some ex-drinkers and former alcoholics have been sharing some powerful 'before' and 'after' photos of themselves which show quite starkly what drinking can do.

It started with Keith Urbowicz on Reddit who has been off alcohol for seven months now and he looks like a different man.

He shared his incredible story on the /r/stopdrinking subreddit.

'Within the first month I lost 30 pounds,' he writes.  'I now have lost another 10-15 pounds. My skin is back to normal, I don't look pregnant, I take care of my teeth, and my insides are solid.

'As for my personal life I have met the love of my life, gained ambition for my work, made real, quality friends, and generally live a good life...because life is good, and can always be.'

It's never going to be fun anymore. It's never going to be about going to play pool with the guys, or flirting with chicks, or creating memories. It's never going to happen. from stopdrinking

He told the indy100 about the incredible reaction he's had from people.

'I was floored at the comparison so I posted them on Reddit,' Urbowicz told the site.

'It's mind-blowing looking back on how I looked. Like, that's what I was used to. I was always afraid to look in the mirror in the morning.

'I have had about 100 direct messages of people reaching out for help. I've also gotten texts and emails from people I haven't seen or heard from in years."

'The picture has really made complete strangers open up to me and the online community to their problems. I feel fortunate. It's been a very positive experience.'

He's not the only one who has been sharing pictures of their transformation since giving up alcohol though...


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