Our five favourite things that happened at WellFest 2019 6 months ago

Our five favourite things that happened at WellFest 2019

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Now we're starting the countdown to WellFest 2020...

In case you didn't hear, WellFest 2019 in association with KBC took place on the weekend of 11-12 May. Thousands of people heard from dozens of top fitness experts, learned exciting new forms of movement, and took notes on how to get the most out of their diet and improve their wellbeing.

Our pick of the stages at this year's festival was the KBC WellGood area, where we got to learn about everything from HIIT training and Rave Games to Boogie Bounce and boxing.

The fact that it was a weekend of glorious sunshine made it all the better.

Richie Norton

Now a full-time personal trainer, former professional rugby player Richie Norton gave a yoga class and spoke about the importance of stretching and mobility, how it helped him recover from injury during his career.

He has over a decade of experience working with people from all walks of life, and his talk was every bit as beneficial for the mind as it was for the body.

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach)

There is a reason why Joe Wicks has 2.6 million followers on Instagram. It's not every day you get to enjoy a morning workout with one of the world's leading fitness experts, but this was definitely one of the highlights of the whole weekend.

Festival goers were treated to an intense HIIT workout on the KBC Main Stage to kick off the Sunday morning at WellFest 2019.

Rave Games

In case the name doesn't make it obvious, Rave Games was great craic.  Dublin Footballer and KBC WellGood ambassador Philly McMahon teamed up with the folks behind Bingo Loco to create an exercise unlike anything else.

Basically, it consisted of a high energy dance-class as well as games to classics like Maniac 2000 and Heaven by DJ Sammy. Trust us, this is a particularly fun way to work up a sweat!

Boogie Bounce

Another one that is just as much fun as it is a great way to get the body pumping. Using trampolines, Emma Weafer taught a high energy workout class for all ages that involved bouncing along to music.

We don't know about you, but we enjoyed this a lot more than hopping onto a treadmill for a cardio workout. It's something that never really gets old either, so that sense of fun shouldn't ever wear off.

Gerry Hussey & Jason Quigley

Performance psychologist Gerry Hussey and Boxer Jason Quigley spoke about awakening your inner champion using boxing analogies in the KBC WellGood area.

Regardless of what's going on around you, Gerry spoke about how to channel your thoughts into achieving the best outcome. Food for thought, with Jason Quigley on hand to show us how to put it into practice in sports.

If you can’t wait for the event to come around again, you’re in luck as early bird tickets have just been released. But you don’t have to wait that long for your next WellFest fix, the KBC WellFest Summer Tour hits Salthill in Galway on Saturday, 8 June and the Showgrounds Cork on Saturday, 6 July.

Brought to you by KBC Bank of Ireland