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15th Nov 2023

WATCH: Michael Fry meets juggler Stephen McGinley

Sarah McKenna Barry

Brought to you by Lyons Tea.

Michael Fry may be an acclaimed comedian…but can he juggle?

Pop the kettle on, grab your tea cosy and pour yourself a delicious brew of Lyons because we’re back with another brand new instalment of Square Talk.

In association with Lyons Tea, we’ve called upon comedian Michael Fry (now Michael Square) to join us for a campaign that celebrates all things square. Got a hobby that others might dismiss as kitsch, boring or square? Round here, that’s our cup of tea. And, speaking of tea, Lyons tea bags are now square, bringing you less packaging and smarter design, while still packing in that great Lyons flavour we know and love.

In our first episode of Square Talk, we caught up with crochet connoisseur Susan Banks and in our second instalment, Michael Square got to grips with the beautiful art of origami with Origami Danny. This week, it was juggler Stephen McGinley’s turn to join Michael as they discussed the perils of juggling over a hot cup of tea. After all, Lyons puts the talk into tea.

You can watch the full video below, or head to our YouTube channel, where you can watch all three episodes of Square Talk.

Our third episode of Square Talk saw Michael ask the question on everyone’s lips – juggling? Why? Stephen very kindly shared how he got involved with this underrated performance art. Other deviations this week included Stephen’s dabbling in clowning, juggling’s mathematical side and Stephen’s belief that left-handers may have a bit of an advantage when it comes to juggling.

Of course, no episode of Square Talk is complete without a game or two, so Michael tested Stephen’s skills to see if he could incorporate some teabags into his juggling routine in the Juggle is Real, before Michael attempted to juggle himself. You can see how they both got on in the full video above.