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11th Mar 2024

Celebrate ‘National Jambons® Day’ for your chance to win a Golden Bake hamper and a €200 One4All voucher


Brought to you by Golden Bake

Get ready to feel patriotic (and hungry!)

For the people of this great nation, one very important mid-March day occupies a special place in our hearts and minds.

This day of national significance fills us with pride and serves as a reminder to honour our ancestors and remember what it means to be Irish. It’s a day of celebration, where we reflect on the incredible values we uphold as Irish citizens, values that connect us to our past, to one another and to our bright future.

We’re talking, of course, about the soon-to-be public holiday National Jambons® Day, which falls on 18th March.

We know what you’re thinking. Soon to be? Surely this day is already recognised as a public holiday? Don’t we deserve a dedicated day to sharing Jambons® with our nearest and dearest and feast on their flaky, hammy goodness from dawn to dusk? Trust us, we hear you.

If you are as incensed as we are about this shocking state of affairs, fear not because the purveyors of puff pastry, Golden Bake are working hard to officially make 18th March National Jambons® Day a public holiday. Right now, Golden Bake are calling on the nation to do their duty and support the movement (while eating as many tasty Jambons® as they like, of course).

The patriotic Golden Bake team have even started an official petition to make this dream a reality. You can do your part and sign it right here. So let’s all rise up for Jambons®, like Jambons® rise up for us! (in ovens all across this great nation). To stay up to date with the movement, be sure to follow along with Golden Bake’s Instagram Page here.

To celebrate the National Jambons® Day Movement, we’ve teamed up with Golden Bake to give one Jambons®-loving JOE reader a sensational prize. The winner will get an exclusive Golden Bake hamper packed full of tasty Jambons® and we’ll also throw in a €200 One4All voucher.

Sound like a bit of you? Course it does. For your chance to win, simply fill out the form below. Good luck!

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