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20th Oct 2023

QUIZ: How well do you know the biggest video games of all time?

Rory Cashin

Video Game Quiz

Stir it up with Pot Noodle.

10 questions on 10 of the biggest video games of all time.

Whether you’re a fan of retro games like Tetris, or you’re a Minecraft mastermind, there’s no denying the fact that gaming can be hungry work.

Next time you build up an appetite during a gaming session, pop the kettle on and stir it up with a cup of Pot Noodle. Simply add hot water and wait four minutes– the quickest route to satisfaction!

To cement Pot Noodle’s status as the ultimate gaming snack – and as the proud sponsors of Gamerfest – we’ve teamed up with the brand to test your gaming knowledge.

If you consider yourself to be a gamer whatsoever, then you should be looking at getting 10 out of 10 on our biggest video games of all time quiz.

Yep, ten questions, ten answers, and all on the biggest games ever. If you know your God Of War from your Elden Ring, then you may continue and test your gaming knowledge below…

In the meantime, you can stir it up with Pot Noodle.

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